Social Security Recipients to Receive 2009 $250 Stimulus Payment

Just received this notice from the Social Security administration:

Special Report: Economic Recovery Bill Provides Social Security with Resources to Help Americans

On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Among its provisions are one-time payments to Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries, as well as funding to help the agency address critical needs.

One Time PaymentOne-Time Payments of $250 For Social Security and SSI Beneficiaries

Nearly 55 million people who receive Social Security and SSI benefits will get a special one-time payment of $250. They should receive the one-time payment by late May 2009.

    • The payments will be automatic, so people receiving benefits do not need to take any action.
    • People who receive both Social Security and SSI benefits will receive only one payment of $250.
    • The legislation also provides for a one-time payment to recipients of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) benefits. However, if a person receives Social Security or SSI benefits and also receives VA or RRB benefits, he or she will only receive one $250 payment. Social Security will send that payment.
    • In April, Social Security will send an advance notice with further information to each person who is eligible for the one-time payment.
    • So that we can issue the payments as quickly as possible, we ask that people not contact Social Security unless their payment is not received by June 4, 2009.

Meanwhile, we encourage people to visit for answers to frequently asked questions about the economic recovery one-time payments.

So Social Security recipients should receive a notice in April and the actual $250 payment in May.  You must have been eligible to receive benefits for November and December 2008 or January 2009.  In other words if you became eligible after January 2009 to receive SS benefits, you will not receive the payment.  The funds will be delivered the same way you currently receive benefits (direct deposit or paper check).

Please note also that $250 payment is tax free to the recipients.

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36 responses to “Social Security Recipients to Receive 2009 $250 Stimulus Payment

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  2. I currently have my 84 year old Mother with me, as she is house-bound and needs care. She filed an income tax return last year, just to receive the stimulus check. I personally mailed it in for her. She has never received a check. I am also on Social Security, and I received my check. I mailed both returns at the same time. What can she do to get the stimulus check that she had coming to her?

  3. I assume you are talking about the 2007 tax return year filing. There is a provision to obtain the 2007 stimulus payment when you file your 2008 return if you did not receive it in 2007 (or only received part of the credit and now you are eligible for a further credit).

    I recommend that you file a return for 2008 for your mother and claim the credit on that return if based on her 2008 income she is eligible.

    If your mother in no longer eligible for the stimulus payment for 2008 based on her 2008 income, I recommend that you call or write the IRS concerning the status of the 2007 return and the stimulus payment that was claimed on that return.

  4. Does that mean people who receive SSI need to file a tax return also to get the credit plus the SSA $250 (that isn’t needed to file anything)? Thanks.

  5. This extra money is a God send! I’m on ssi and I have a teenage son who is going to the prom and will be graduating in May so this money is really going to help out ALOT!!!

  6. All you can think about is spending the money on PROM? You must not really be that bad off. I am disabled and receive Social Security and I think of this as a God Send so I can buy groceries, and help pay my heating bill for the winter.

    I’m suprised you didn’t say buy your son a video game, or a Wii, or to update your blackberry.

    How selfish!

  7. The $250 you will get without doing anything as long as you are eligible. If by the credit you mean the stimulus that was paid in 2008 based on 2007 return, you can file a 2008 return if you are eligible to get that credit and did not receive it in 2008.

    If by credit you mean the payroll tax reduction that is effective April 1, that will happen automatically in reduced tax withholdings in paychecks for periods after April 1, 2009.

    Hope this clarifies.

  8. hey, mr. soc sec using the 250 for heating bill
    at this late time in your life,,,,,have you ever
    figured “different strokes for different folks”.
    who cares what anyone will do as long as they
    spend the damn thing and get the economy rolling

  9. Janet Gallmeyer

    I received my first social security check on March 10th, 2009. I understand that I am not elligible to receive the $250 stimulus on my social security deposit.
    I am retiring from my position on April 15th and have one paycheck left to be paid to me on April 15th.
    How will I receive my stimulus money?
    Thank you,
    Janet Gallmeyer

  10. sandra hiers


  11. shawnann dunkin

    My childern recive ss from their dads disability,will they recive a check?I am really confused.They did last time but i dont know about this time.Their payments are a form of child support,through social security.

  12. I recently began helping a sibling with elder care. God bless her, she has been carrying the load for many years and should have accepted help sooner as many things have fallen through the cracks.

    One of these items includes the stimulus payments that, if I understand correctly, my parents could have received in 2008 had we filed a 2007 return for them.

    1. But were they, in fact, eligible in 2008? They are 94 and 87, and receive only Social Security and my father’s civil service pension. Total amount is less than $25K for the household.

    2. If they were eligible in 2008, what options do I have to still help them claim that payment?

    3. I thought I could claim it for them by filing a 2009 return, but the 1040A instructions seem to indicate that they must first have wages/earned income of some kind, and can only then add in the SS and pension to arrive at the $3,000 minimum of qualifying income.

    4. Tangentially related: Is the property tax deduction available to people who would not normally file and who have only SS and pension income?

    I realize this very last minute, but as I mentioned earlier, I only just discovered the situation–as in early this morning.

    Any guidance is very much appreciated.

    Thank you, RJ

    P.S.I’ve spent most of today at the IRS web site trying to obtain these answers on my own, including starting to fill out the Free File forms.

    Having successfully filed my own taxes this year (including a Schedule C for my own business), I thought that finding the answers for my parents would be a snap. Ha! Big mistake in that assumption!

  13. Social security qualifies as income for purposes of the $3000 threshold. You must file a 2008 return in order to claim the credit.

  14. “4. Tangentially related: Is the property tax deduction available to people who would not normally file and who have only SS and pension income?”

    Yes it is available but if you do not owe any taxes it will not end up benefiting you.

  15. Good Lord, Lady even Children who’s mom and dads are on ssi deserve to go to the prom. you might just be selfish!

  16. I think what a person does with there check is there business stop being so judgemental, you want and need heat, she needs to make her son happy nothing selfish about that. Shame on you

  17. I think they can keep their stupid money. To many Americans feel the government owes them something and what ever happened to the idea that if you couldn’t afford it you didn’t get it theory? America is great but I’m sick of everyone thinking it owes them something for nothing.

  18. You won’t get anything. If you couldn’t afford to retire without the whopping BIG 250 you should still be working. What ever happened to the theory if you couldn’t afford it you don’t get it?

  19. @CJ, “Their stupid money” is actually your money assuming you have paid some taxes over the years or more accurately it is borrowed money that the government is one day probably going to tax back from us or our descendents.

    But I agree that giving seniors $250 as a way to stimulate the economy may not work. It makes more sense to me that the money be used to assist the car makers or give incentives to manufacture alternative fuel cars or some other new manufacturing project.

    We need to produce items that people will buy to rehabilitate the economy. Borrowing and spending will only take us eventually to the poor house.

  20. My son who is 27 years old receives SSI because of his disability with Cerebral Palsy. Because he lives with us full time we are able to claim him as a dependent on our tax returns. Last year he did not receive the stimulus payment because we claim him as a dependent. Will he be eligible for the stumulus payment this year(2009)? I have elderly friends who received their letters this week letting them know of their eligiblity for this year’s payment of $250. My son did not receive a letter. Does this mean that he is not elibile for the $250 payment?

  21. @PB, Yes your son should be eligible to receive the $250 payment as long as he received a SSI benefit in Nov 2008, Dec 2008, or Jan 2009.

    This link might be helpful in explaining the details.

  22. Here is a follow up article at the Seattle Times.

  23. yes if they are recieving off his account

  24. Hey Sue Quirky! or whatever, WOW! you have some gaul knocking on someone just for the fact that they decided to use their stimulus check for their sons Prom. Guess what LADY … the prom is a big deal to these kids and just because you were most likely dogged at your prom “probably” because of your winning personailty” isn’t anyones fault but your own. Its your own fault that you can’t afford food or money for your heat … work for it! and if your retired or older … you should have saved for the future, not anyones fault but your damn self!!!

    @Sue Quint,


  26. yvonn johnson

    I recieve child support. Will I get 250.00 from the stimulas package?

  27. y child recives ssi since i did not file taxes does she still get the one time pand does it go off of your socail security number

  28. Both of my twins (they’ll be 14 this month) receive SSI for themselves, not through us. We have not received the letter in the mail saying they are eligible for the 250.00. On some sites I read they are eligible and others aren’t. On that link of the Seattle paper that the admin posted it is really confusing. I don’t know if thats pertaining if you received the big stimulus credit you wont get this or what. I just don’t understand it. Please help! Thanks!


  29. When will you get your money?
    Social Security is squeamish about specifying a schedule because it doesn’t want to alarm folks who might not get the payment when they expect it. But you should get your money within a few days after you receive your regular monthly benefit. If your benefit is normally deposited into your bank account on the second Wednesday of the month, for example, the extra $250 should show up by the following Monday. (Be sure to adjust your balance accordingly.)

  30. my husband recieves a check from the VA is he eligible for the 250.00 stimulus payment?

  31. @gwendoly session, He must have received a social security benefit last Nov, Dec 2008 or Jan 2009 to be eligible to receive the $250 stimulus payment.

  32. @Sue Quint,

    The children of low income families are not immune to the needs and wants of other children. I consider prom and graduation expenses to be a perfectly legitimate use of this money. You, on the other hand, have heating bills every year and should include that cost in your routine budget planning.

  33. @Walt, how old are you 14? i am on ssd and completely understand her outrage. though i do understand and agree that the 250 is yours and you are free to do whatever you want with it. it kind of burns to people who live from month to month barely making it.
    as far as it being her fault she has no money. SHE IS DISABLED YOU SOCIOPATHIC CRETIN. ill bet anything you are a republican! for many people in this country, disability comes through seeking medical help for years and encountering gross incompetence from medical ‘professionals’ until their disability is permanent and tragic. forget malpractice because in the case of this kind of gross incompetence finding a doctor who will commit to giving a written acknowledgment of it is like seeking the holy grail. especially since there is a two year window on malpractice suits even in the event of LIFELONG DISABILTY OR DEATH! SO HOW IS THAT HER FAULT IF THAT IS THE CASE?
    personally i had a 7 year period where i was misdiagnosed by dozens of doctors during which time i suffered three heart attacks which were misdiagnosed AND had had a social security doctor declare i was in good health and that my heart was fine and i was subsequently denied disability. less than three months later, i had another heart attack, a massive MI which was finally diagnosed and then i had a triple bypass, ALL BEFORE I WAS 40! (since then i have had another heart attack, three strokes,pulmonary embolism,CHF,etc. basically those doctors killed me and i am just waiting for it to be final) i had even gone to the administration offices of two of the hospitals i went to and told them i was not being diagnosed correctly. they did NOTHING to help! the fact is that most people in medicine do not care one bit whether or not you live or die as long as they get paid!
    and to top it off, we have to listen to freakish, unintellectual comments from things (i say things because you have no compassion or humanity and as such are not human) like you. your comments to that woman are thoughtless,uninformed and cruel. lucky for you that you have a computer to hide behind huh?

  34. Shirley Propst

    We are an accounting firm, doing tax returns. Is there a site, as there was when the stimulus payments were made in previous years, where I can enter taxpayers social security number, etc and find out if clients on social security received the $250 economic recovery payment?

  35. Actually I could afford to retire without the whopping BIG 250, however, I understood that the stimulus check was to help the economy. I wasn’t being selfish as your reply made me feel.

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