Welcome to the website of John F. Howes, CPA. We are a full service tax preparation, planning and business services firm.  Please call or email about any questions that you have or needs that you want addressed. Be sure to check out our CpaJohnBlog here.  Our firm is accepting new clients.

Tax Preparation, Planning and Business Services

Providing you with competent, professional and timely services of value.  Tax preparation, planning and filing services for all entity types.  These include corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, not-for-profit organizations, payroll services  and estates. Fully computerized income tax preparation and electronic filing services.  Accounting, computer and business advisory services.  Please go here for a complete listing of the firm’s services.  If you are not living in the Vancouver/Portland area, our services are available to you.  We are licensed to provide tax services in all 50 states.  We have many clients that are out of the area.  Services are accomplished through email, chat, fax and/or US mail.


John F Howes CPA Tax Preparation Services

John F. Howes is a practicing Certified Public Accountant in Clark County, Washington with an extensive background in both personal and business taxation as well as business advisement services. He has many years of experience working for CPA firms and running his own firm. This experience includes tax consulting and return preparation for high, middle and low income individuals as well as providing accounting, taxation and computer consulting services for a wide range of business entities. Mr. Howes has been a principal of two CPA firms, was President/CEO for a retail chain for ten years, and also held a management position in internal audit for a major financial institution and controllership functions in private industry.

Licensed by the Washington State Board of Accountancy (License number 24171) and formerly by the Florida State Board of Accountancy (License number 14677).  Registered electronic efiler with the Internal Revenue Service.  Internal Revenue Service Preparer Taxpayer Identification Number (PTIN) is P00963076 (this is required for all Federal tax return preparers).  Serves as treasurer/board member for several Washington State based organizations. Member of the Washington State Tax Consultants.  Former member of the Florida Institute of CPAs and American Institute of CPAs.

from John F. Howes, CPA

If you own a business…

Besides owning and operating my accounting practices, I have owned several other successful businesses.  Besides analyzing the tax code and helping clients comply with all State and Federal regulations, much of my experience has been what all successful business owners do.  Set up and design computer operations for your business, create and implement marketing plans, hire (and fire) and supervise employees, make purchasing and inventory decisions, negotiate leases, purchase contracts, insurance, etc., etc., and all the other hats you must wear when owning and operating a business.  I have purchased and sold businesses and been hired by others to help them do the same.  I have arbitrated investor disputes for the NASD and taught tax courses at the college level.  When you choose me to be your tax and business adviser, you don’t just get a person who fills out forms for a living, you get someone who has been through the ups and downs of business ownership.  Let me help you make well informed, good business decisions

If you need personal tax assistance…

I have 25 years of experience doing tax related work.  Some of those years also owned other businesses as well.  I have worked for large and small CPA firms, been a partner in a CPA firm and owned my own firm for the last 12 years.  Wide variety of people and businesses have used my services.  Wage earners, homeowners, salespeople, doctors, nurses, dentists, realtors, ma and pop stores, truckers, franchisees, teachers, retirees, CEOs, investors, landlords, non-resident aliens, people divorcing, estate beneficiaries, non-profits, you-name-it… have used and continue to use my services.  So I have experience with all kinds of tax issues and have found well-researched solutions to those issues.  I have also represented numerous people before the Internal Revenue Service (even representing a colleague, a local tax practitioner-CPA who was audited) and state taxing authorities.

No matter who you are…

Call or email me for a no-obligation meeting to discuss your needs.  Thank you.

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